The Ashworth Story

One with golf

Unapologetically Golf

Ask any passionate golfer. The guy who plays every day if he can.  A golfer who appreciates its history and its code of conduct, who feels the game coursing through his veins, and who is quite frankly at ONE WITH THE GAME. Ask that golfer what Ashworth means to him.  Most will say, “that was my favorite golf polo” or “I remember Fred wearing Ashworth at the ’92 Masters.”

The Original Innovation Interlock Polo

The OG Golf Brand

Revered by passionate players since 1987, Ashworth is the original, authentic golf apparel brand.  It is this distinction and extraordinary heritage that sets us apart from the rest.

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Designed by Golfers for Golfers

Created from a golfer’s point of view, with an eye for style, in premium materials, John Ashworth and Gerald Montiel founded Ashworth and changed how men dress to golf.